iMind’s birthday

Ten long years has passed from the day we funded iMind, back in the times when we were university students.


Ten years is incredible long time, it’s even hard to imagine that we moved to our first small and grungy office so long time ago. It was 2001 when we brought our computers to that flat some kilometres from here to start coding and ordering food day and night. It was a pleasant place for us with all the pizza boxes and the sounds of the quake battles, but we usually met our clients in the nearest café.

Mega Camera 1300

It’s hard to count the people with whom we worked as clients or colleagues. We’ve been constantly learning with them along the path from thick clients through web projects to the mobile world nowadays. We learned about technologies, project-management and business, but mainly about the common work. We found it hard to summarize what happened to us in this time, so we concentrated on the celebration.

The program of the annual team-building day became paintball again after the usually long and complicated voting process. Still it was ok, because we could try a new place at Tököl. I found it a bit bizarre that most of the “team-building” programs are more about team-destroying, it seems people prefer extreme sports and killing each-other rather than participating in group therapy or embroidery.


We invited ex-colleagues and friends to make the usual killing a bit more ceremonious. Unfortunately the day long combat of the greens and blacks ended with the rule of the dark side. The team of the organizer was friendly and professional, we recommend them to everybody. The fields at the ex-Russian military airport near Tököl were varied and exciting as well, we’d go back for a second round anytime.

One week later the second, real-life part of the team-building came when we moved to a new office really close to the previous one in the friendly second district of Budapest. We chose it because of the bigger rooms, the cosy and calm street and the nice atmosphere of the place.


The timing of the moving wasn’t perfect as we had the yearly clearance in the whole district on the same day. We fought for space for the van with the people picking up old treasures from the street, but fortunately we haven’t lost anything on the way. The day of the moving was just a small step of a two months long process, at the end of which we will hopefully have a calmer and more inspirational environment.


At the end of the long day we ordered some food and realized that many things can change, including places and sometime people around us, but we eat the same pizza ;)

Thanks for all of you for these years if you took part as colleague or client, we hope you enjoyed it as we did. And now, let’s get back to work and packing out from the boxes….