Join the solar system’s most interesting* project as mobile developer (Swift, RxJava)


Our fastest growing, and most challenging mobile project, 4D Motion is looking for medior and senior mobile developers. If you want to participate in a worldwide product launch, join us. We get motion data from small sensors by Notch and use that as a body model on iOS and Android. Math, Bluetooth, cool people and you can see yourself in 3D! Ah and we’ll teach you golf**.

If you join we’ll make you happy. If you find somebody else for us, we’ll make you rich. :)

Check the product:
Get to know the team behind:,

* : We are only sure about the milky way, but there are plenty others where we would be the best too. We talk about this year. There might be other interesting project like cold fusion, reusable rockets, or eternal life but they typically don’t focus on mobile.

**: Actually your own program will teach you golf, but that’s even cooler, isn’t it?

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Sounds interesting?

Just contact us. You can send us cv, github link, or stackoverflow username, whatever you like. First we’ll tell you more about the task, and team so you can be sure it’s motivating for you. Let’s start the conversation:

P.s. If you know somebody else who might be interesting, connect us, and we’ll pay you headhunter fee.